Five Ways You Can Woo A New Lover!

How to impress your lover and make your relationship more successful!

If you're a man:

Respect her! Being respectful implies many things - politeness, listening to her, appreciating her, and generally being attentive. These things cost nothing but they demonstrate your sincerity and your appreciation of your new date/lover! Simply by being polite you show respect and interest, qualities which will help you gain a foothold in your date's affections. These values may seem old-fashioned but they appeal to women's deepest instincts for a reason - they show that you care! Which woman can resist being treated like the centre of a man's world?

Flirt with her....if you have a passionate, spontaneous side, this is definitely the way to show it. The understated sexuality of flirting is a powerful stimulus for a potential mate: it's a hint of the sexual liaison which may develop, but it abides by the rules of a safe courtship. And again, it awakens a woman's interest in being at the centre of your world.

Keep your partner in your mind. To feel that she is at the forefront of your attention will be a wonderful boost to your new lover's self-esteem, and she will respond accordingly: with the profound sense of awe that comes when she knows she is literally are the centre of your world. This profound sense of respect and appreciation will lead to you both feeling much closer and connected.

Feel pride in your body! This is not just about having a well-muscled abdomen, or a large penis, but about being happy with what you do have, whether it is well-muscled, firm and toned or less-than-optimal! What's more, you need to accept your power and own it. This is rooted in a sense of self-acceptance, a sense of being happy with what you have and own - and indeed are as a man. It's no use being a wimp! That just does not attract women; they want to know that the man they are interested in has some sense of self-worth, some personal power, and some contentment in himself as a man.

Overcome premature ejaculation and be a great lover in bed - seriously - because although some things don't matter (penis size, within limits, for example), there are some that matter a great deal.... and coming too quickly in bed is definitely one of them! There are plenty of great premature ejaculation control techniques available - read about them here:

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If you are a woman:

Don't be too serious! Don't overdo the emotional side of your life when you speak to him. It may seem like you've found the ideal man, the one in whom you can confide everything....but think before you open up completely. Are some of the things you'd like him to hear more suited to your girlfriends style of conversation? Is he really going to want to hear every single detail of your day? (In case you don't know, the answer is "no"!) You must learn to make the judgment about what is important enough to share with your partner and what is best kept to yourself......

Appreciate your appearance and your body! Men like sex, they like to look at the female form, and they are much less critical of it than you are likely to be. Don't focus on the negative bits of your body (or what you see as the negative bits). Most likely, he'll fail to notice things that you think of as major faults: to him, the important thing is that you are his partner and you have a gorgeous (in his eyes, not yours!) female body to which he can make love. He doesn't really care about the imperfections that you see all too readily.

Don't complain too readily about his failings. If he has any kind of sexual dysfunction, for example, he will be as conscious of it as you are.... and just as willing to get rid of it as you want him to be. The problem is that his ego may be very dependent on his sexual self-image, and a tactless word from you can cause a great deal of harm to his confidence. This may be especially true if he has delayed ejaculation.

Let him act as the protector and carer. No-one's saying that you have to give up your independence, or become a slave to his male desires! Rather, just respect his need to look after you, however this makes itself felt. He really wants you to be happy, and he wants to make sure that he's a part of the process: so the more you let him take care of you, while keeping your independence, the more fulfilled he is going to feel.

Yes: be independent. Dependency and clinginess are the absolute biggest turn-offs for men: you need to find a way that steers you between emotional dependence, and emotional independence - not always an easy task, but one that is necessary to avoid him seeing you as a weak, helpless woman (a role which soon loses its attractiveness) or as a woman who is laying down the law.

Don't judge him. Nothing (except maybe dependency) turns a man off sooner or quicker than being judged or labelled by a woman. He is isn't going to change his ways because he's met you: or, if he seems to do so, he'll soon resent you - so don't try and change him. This is the biggest mistake women make with a man they like. You judge him, you label him, you find him defective, and you're convinced you can change him. In fact, you won't, and it's the kiss of death for your relationship to think that you might be able to do so!