Penis size - let's get this in proportion!

This concern about penis-size is almost as old as man. For hundreds of centuries' penile length and bulk have been the yardstick whereby man has measured his manhood and had his manhood assessed by his fellows.

In our times, concern about penis size has assumed a new characteristic. Men are now more concerned with being successful lovers than with producing strong and healthy and numerous children. 

Pride in their sexual adequacy - a very justifiable pride - is still centered on the penis, and it seems that psychologically men who consider themselves under-endowed are particularly vulnerable to shame, self-doubt, and sexual issues such as rapid ejaculation.

As I have pointed out many times, though every penis conforms to a basic shape, its length and girth vary from individual to individual as much as noses, ears, hands, and feet.

There have. however, been numerous surveys which have purported to be able to establish an average size; and according to these surveys, which tally closely, the average-sized penis among white men measures a fraction above 6 inches in length when fully erect, and about 5 inches in circumference.

There are quite a few penises about 4 inches in length, and up to 8 inches too. Above this is rare, but the few 9 inch penises that exist ought to be museum exhibits. There are about as many 4 to 5 inch penises as there are 7 - 8 inch, while below 4 inches is as rare as 8-inch plus penises.

These measurements are taken along the upper side of the penis from pubic bone to tip, while circumference is measured about one inch below the rim.

I point this out, because 1 have often been proudly informed by the owners of 7 and 8 inch penises of their outstanding dimensions, but when I have inquired how the measurements were taken, they were invariably along the side, from the tip of the penis to the groin.

When measured again along the top, the somewhat shamefaced men have reported back that they measure between 5 and 7 inches.....

The measurement is taken along the side because when the pubic bone of the male meets the vagina entrance, no more of the penis can enter the vagina; but though the whole of the top side is taken up, there is always an inch or so on the underside, and at the sides, which do not penetrate the man's partner.

Until a short time ago, it was thought that there was a definite relationship between limp penile length and erect length. It is simply not the case - there is not.

It is also challenging to get a true measurement, because the effect of thoughts, of circulation, and anxiety changes the length of the penis constantly.

The American researchers Dr. William H. Masters and Mrs Johnson made an important discovery about penis size. After measuring, several hundred penises it seems that the longer the limp penis, the less its length increases on erection.

And erect size has no relationship to sexual performance, as we shall see: a man who has a smaller size, however, may be more self-conscious of his penile length than a man with a bigger size, and this anxiety may be responsible for causing premature ejaculation.

The smaller penis, e.g. 3 inches when relaxed, may go to 5.5 or 6 inches, while the man with the 5 or 6 inch limp penis may only go to 6 or 7 inches when erect. In one case a 3 inch limp penis increased to 7.5 inches; and another of 4 inches had an erect length of 7 inches.

The great point of this discovery is that it confirms what sexologists have been insisting for a long time - that the man with the small limp penis, which is what his fellows may see, should not let it become a psychological block; and it emphasizes that it is the length of the erect penis which counts. But how far it counts is another matter, too.

Let me state here and now and categorically that the only men who have just cause for complaint are those whose erect penis is 3 inches or less. Anything above this measurement is fully capable of giving any woman complete satisfaction. Let us examine the facts. The average length of the vagina when the woman is not roused is 3 inches.

Masters and Johnson's researchers have revealed that when she is sexually aroused, the vagina automatically lengthens by about an inch, or perhaps a little more.

This means that the 4 inch penis completely fills the vaginal barrel. The extent to which the average vagina can be stretched without the woman being more than ordinarily aware of it is 6 to 6.5 inches, which represents almost the limit of possible male penetration, the vaginal tissues then being at full stretch.

The most sensitive part of the vaginal barrel is the first third of its length from the vagina entrance: what Masters and Johnson call the orgasmic platform. It is, therefore, her experience of the penis in this first third which will make any impression on her.

Supposing when she is aroused her vagina automatically lengthens to, say, 6 inches, somewhat in excess of the average. Her orgasmic platform even then is 2 inches long, and a penis of only 3 inches will make contact with her G spot.

True, as climax approaches there is often a psychological desire on the part of both partners for deeper penetration.

In my experience, however, this desire is psychologically fulfilled by the partners straining their pubic areas against one another, which gives the impression to both of deep penetration, whether there is actual deep entry or not.

 The man with the average 6-inch penis completely satisfies his partner's penetration desire; the man with the 7-inch penis stretches the vaginal tissue to just that degree that is tolerable for the woman; the 8-inch penis goes beyond the tolerance limit, and sets up sensations which very few, if any, women really appreciate or like.

In short, 7 inches is the maximum length which can give a woman pleasure.

Anything beyond 7 inches, i.e. 8 or 9 inches, gives her pain, and if the few 8-inch men will be absolutely honest, they will confess that they do not at any time use the full length of their penis.

In other words, the average 6-inch penis gives really deep penetration, the 7-inch borders on the excessive, while anything above that is useless and might just as well not be there. It should also be remembered that a long penis may scratch the vaginal wall, thereby possibly leading to more sexually transmitted infections such as yeast or bacterial infections.

The same is true of sex which is not eased with vaginal lubrication. The head of the penis can become scratched and inflamed, and the opening up of the mucus membranes will make yeast infection more likely.

On the other hand, even the 3 inch penis makes contact with more than the vital first third of the vaginal barrel in which the woman is conscious of its presence, and can respond to the psychological urge for deeper penetration by the firm pressure of the two pubic areas against one another.

Penile length, therefore, has NO significance whatsoever either in performance or capacity for satisfying the woman.

 It has significance only for those men who have become obsessed with it. And yes, this obsession can be a very important factor in a man's approach to his whole sexual expression... it really is a case of mind over matter...

The visible penis represents two thirds of its complete length. The whole of the penis, both visible and out of sight, consists of a bundle of three separate cylinders of a special tissue which has erectile capacity.

One of these cylinders, known as the corpus spongeosum, forms the underside - the side which the man cannot see when he looks down at it - and spreads out at the end to form the penis head.

The urethra - the tube by which the bladder is emptied of urine and by which the semen leaves the man's body - runs more or less centrally through the corpus spongeosum.

The other two cylinders, called corpora cavernosa, lie on top of the corpus spongeosum, their upper ends tucked firmly under the lip formed by the rim of the penis-head with the shaft. All three cylinders are bound together by skin and tissue, so that it is not possible to separate them except by surgery.

Though the cylinders have different names - cavernosa, meaning full of holes, and spongeosum, like a sponge, also full of holes - and there are slight medical differences, still for our purposes we can treat them as having identical structures.

The penis is covered with skin, ordinary skin, which is like the skin covering the rest of our bodies. The skin of the shaft is what may be termed 'fixed', but that covering the head of the penis, called the foreskin, is loose and can be pulled backwards and forwards over it.

The covering of the penis head is a special kind of membrane, which, in this case, is similar to the membrane lining of the women's vagina.

Under the skin of the penis is a massive system of arteries and veins which supply blood to it. As soon as a man becomes sexually roused, a mechanism is triggered off which pours blood into the penis at a very much faster rate than it can leave it.

The blood fills all the thousands of holes in the three cylinders, which has the effect of making the penis swell, stiffen, and stand up. So long as the man is sexually roused it will remain in this hard, erect state.

As we have seen, the erect penis is always larger than the limp penis, with regard both to length and girth. This is why the veins and arteries of the limp penis are not straight. The loops allow the veins and arteries to stretch when erection takes place. The skin stretches also.

Now, in order to lengthen the penis, the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongeosum would have to be permanently stretched.

Since they are spongelike in structure, one would think that this ought to be fairly easy to achieve. But the tissue is extremely strong and it is very difficult to stretch it permanently.

 It is very tough, too, and one would have to subject the penis to very violent treatment indeed before one could do it any great harm. Then in addition to the tissue itself being difficult to distort - because this is what it amounts to - the tubes of the veins and arteries are very tough.

Though they can be stretched a little under constant pressure, they quickly spring back to their normal length when released.

 Even though it might be possible to stretch. the tissue, the penis itself would become no larger unless the veins and arteries were also stretched permanently. If stretching does not occur, they are so numerous that they prevent the tissue from expanding.

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