Manifesting a different reality


I want to talk a little bit about manifestation. It's critical to establishing a happy and successful life. And that applies to every area of your existence, including sex and relationships.

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You see, manifestation isn't just about things - it's also about a state of mind, a way of being, and about you being proactive rather than waiting for things to happen to you.

For example, a lot of people believe that having prosperity or abundant wealth will help them to achieve happiness. The truth is that no matter what your experience of the world may be, you can be happy in it if your state of mind is positive.

This isn't merely positive thinking for the sake of positive thinking, but it's a very real principle about how you live your life.

Let me be clear about this: manifesting reality means that you actually have the power to control how you feel in every set of circumstances in your life, and it also means that you have the power to create those circumstances.

A lot of men worry about penis size, and a lot more men and women worry about sexual success (lack of orgasm, lack of erection, and so on) but the truth of the matter is that first and foremost this worry is only a state of mind called anxiety.

Secondly, the point is that many of these concerns and worries and anxieties around sex and relationships manifest because of false beliefs you hold about yourself.

These are beliefs which could easily be dispensed with and dismissed out of hand if people were willing to accept the fact that they have the power to control their emotional state and the activity of their mind which leads them to a state of emotional depression or worry.

But it's also about more than this: it's about being a "grown up" and emotionally mature adult in a world where a lot of people behave as though they were just overgrown children.

How to manifest a better life

You can take responsibility for your life by stepping back, out of the "wounded child place" in you ( a place which sees problems everywhere), and stepping into a state of powerful confidence what we might call the sovereign archetype within you.

And there's nowhere more powerful and all-encompassing than sexual relationships to bring out the wounded child OR the sovereign in you!

If sex makes you feel inferior, shamed, small and inadequate, then it's your wounded child who's controlling the show. If sex makes you feel successful and happy and joyous, then it's undoubtedly your sovereign who's in charge.

And when it comes penis size, men worry in a ridiculous way about their experiences. And while it's certainly true that a very small percentage of men have abnormal penises which are a source of true anxiety, the vast majority of men are normal.

Their concern about penis size is misplaced and ill founded it's  based on deeper feelings of inadequacy and failure, and it does not reflect any sense of what women are looking for in a man, nor does it reflect any real sense of self-esteem when a man feels inadequate because he believes is penis to be too small.

I think one of the massive advantages of the Internet has been the communication of information that otherwise people might not have understood and perhaps one of those areas is around penis size.

I know that these days (2015), the mad craze of penis enlargement which was so prominent on the Internet in its early days seems to have very few followers.

I think one of the reasons for this is because men have seen not only the grossly enlarged and humongous penises belonging to porn stars, but they've also seen (on many websites), the fact that penis size can actually be smaller than 6 inches, and still considered to be perfectly normal and adequate for a woman sexual pleasure.

So what I'm saying is that manifesting a reality that actually causes you low stress (and even positive joy and happiness!) is all about you taking charge of your life in every way, and ensuring that you have an attitude of mind which encompasses not just the visualization of success and achievement, but also sees you living out the reality of success and achievement by ensuring that you don't succumb to the myths and untruths perpetrated by those who don't have your best interests at heart.

Which means, if you want to manifest a reality where you can stop worrying about whether you're sexually adequate or not, then take charge: if you're a man, find a way of controlling the speed of your ejaculation first of all.

Then work on the beliefs that you hold about yourself in the world for example whether you're sexually adequate or attractive.

Then, get some data around the reality of penis size, and work on establishing a set of beliefs which will allow you to live happily, no matter what the size of your organ, knowing that you can't manifest a physical change in the size of your penis, but you certainly can manifest a different attitude of mind.

Make no mistake about it, you are the only person who can control the way you feel or rather, when you are emotionally mature, you're the only person who can control the way you feel.

Other people may currently appear to have control over your emotions, but when you've healed your emotional wounds, got rid of your emotional baggage, and ensured that you're the one who's manifesting your reality, then nobody else can impact on the way you feel. Then you are, in short, in full control of your experiences and emotions, and that's a very desirable place to be.

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