Male sexuality and the penis

Male sexuality has been seen as a negative thing, mostly by men inculcated with sexual shame and strident feminists with an axe to grind. But in its purest forms male sexuality is a wonderful force for good, a dynamic source of energy that can move mountains, and a healing energy that can unite the sexes.


One of the interesting pieces of information all middle-aged men need to know about is the male andropause.

This is a period of time in a manís life when his testosterone level drops and a variety of symptoms may develop in response to this decline in hormone.

Thereís an interesting article here about how one man discovered that he was experiencing a male andropause: testosterone deficiency.

They basically describe the symptoms of the andropause as tiredness, loss of motivation, irritability and depression, physical weakness, muscle wasting, dry skin, and loss of libido, although there are others.

What Iíd also add to this list is an increase in weight, which is very common when menís metabolic rate declines, often a product of testosterone deficiency.

Itís not easy to come to terms with these changes, since they involve a loss of identity of the most men, but it is possible to alleviate the symptoms by means of self motivation, testosterone supplementation, and appropriate weight loss programs.

Even if it isnít, one of the things the website will do for you is to give you a lot of information about the physiology of male and female bodies and how and why the requirements for weight loss are different between them.

It Is Important To Recognize When A Man May Be Having A Midlife Crisis

The mid-life crisis is a phenomena that is often treated as a joke. When it hits real people in their lives, however, it has the potential to be very destructive.

The symptoms can be debilitating on their own. When a man is with a partner who does not understand them, they can trigger the break down of a relationship. Because of this, it is critical for anyone to be able to recognize the signs of midlife crisis in men.

There is no single strict criteria that a man has to meet to be said to be experiencing a midlife crisis.

There are a lot of themes that tend to arise in his life as a part of it, though. The middle stage of life is often when a man begins to look closely at how much he has achieved in life compared to what he hoped to do when he started out as a boy.

In many cases, there is a significant gap between the two. Even when the gap is not large, it is often the case that he looks at his life and realizes that the professional achievements that he fought so hard to win are less fulfilling than expected.

If a man begins to seem restless and dissatisfied around the middle of his life, it is important to try not to take it too personally.

Those who are in this situation often experience symptoms that are much like depression, and they can even go through a kind of mourning as they work to accept that the lives they dreamed about will not become reality.

It is very easy for a manís life partner to assume that these feelings mean that he is unhappy or resentful about the life that they share. In reality, though, it is just a natural adjustment period.

Understanding this can go a long way toward reducing the pain and the friction in the relationship over this issue.

It is natural that some men will reach a stage in life  where they realize that they are mortal and that some goals may simply be beyond their reach.

This can be a difficult adjustment, and it is sometimes even one that requires the guidance of a therapist.

The important thing is to try to be supportive of the men in your life, and not to take it too personally if they seem to suddenly become unsettled with life. It is not abnormal, and it is something that you can work through together.

Signs Of The Midlife Crisis In Men

When you hear the term Mid life crisis in men, chances are you think of trophy wives and fancy little sports cars. Jokes are made about this transition period, but it is actually something that should be taken seriously. This time in life isnít all bad either.

The term midlife crisis was introduced by Elliott Jacques in 1965. He defined this as a time when adults come to realize that life is moving along at a rapid rate and they are mortal.

Others credit this term to Erik Erickson. No matter who gets the credit though, a midlife crisis is a time when people stop to take a look at their overall life.

This may come out of the blue or it may result from a major life occurrence, such as the death of a parent or the youngest child leaving the nest for good.

Mid life crisis symptoms vary greatly from person to person. Some find they are unable to sleep while others want to do nothing, but stay in bed. Morbidity often rears its ugly head and concentration may be a thing of the past.

Regrets are not uncommon during this stage of life and men find they have sharp longings for a particular item or person. You may find that you are struggling with the answers to big questions, such as, ďWhat am I doing with my life?Ē

A majority of men experience a midlife crisis. This transition period frequently involves work and family, but it can affect other areas of life also.

You may begin questioning your economic status or religion may change in terms of how it affects your life. Goals and priorities are reevaluated at this time and dreams may be followed up on. Lives change drastically at this time and this can be very tough for all involved.

A manís response to a midlife crisis depends in part on the support he receives from others. If no support is received, depression may result. What are the signs to look for and what needs to be done when you become depressed?

Symptoms of depression include feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, helplessness, guilt or worthlessness. If you no longer enjoy activities you have in the past, you may be depressed.

Changes in eating or sleeping habits have been noted with depression and the same is true of restlessness or irritability. If you find you are depressed, seek the assistance of a professional.

Your doctor can help you get through your midlife crisis and depression. Therapy helps as do antidepressant medications. The time has come to make changes in your life. You are in a whole new stage and it can be a great one. Itís all a matter of how you deal with these changes and where you want to go.


What Iíve come to understand as Iíve got older is that certain things have to happen in a certain order for a human being to evolve into a mature ďelder.ď

Now when I talk about mature elder, I am using the archetypal model  developed by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette in their book King Warrior Magician Lover.

Video Ė Archetypes

Itís a wonderful book which describes human development in archetypal terms. Archetypes are a behavioral formula that applies to each and every one of us.

You may think itís strange that the whole humanity can be distilled down to certain fundamental patterns of behavior and ideology. In actual fact, when you think about it, thereís nothing mysterious about this at all.

The human species is not divided into races, because each and every human being can reproduce with each and every other human being.  There is no species barrier of any kind. We are, in short, more similar than we are different.

If itís true that we are more similar than we are different (and it is) then what follows? Are we similar in other ways besides our fundamental reproductive biology? For example, how about the similarities that might exist in the fundamental way in which our minds operate?

The fundamental structure of the brain is the same in every human being. So itís likely that there are certain patterns of operation which are commonplace to all of us.

These are archetypal patterns which could easily have evolved as a common aspect of human psychological development.

By that, I mean not only the psychological development not only over time for the entire species, but over time for each individual member of the species.

Young members of any species have completely different emotional, physical, sexual and care needs to the older members. Itís equally obvious that people move from a place of childhood to a place of maturity through different stages of life. Each of these has certain uniform features, regardless of the society in which you examine them.

We can therefore take archetypal modeling as a basis for humanity and how it operates. This includes its evolution from a state of immaturity to a state of maturity.

Carl Jungís model of elderhood suggested this is a time in which an individual ďoughtĒ to move into a space of joy and blessing. If course, his sexual drive may lessen, so he may need the help of his female partner to enjoy sex as he has done in earlier years.

An elder, you see, is able to accept events and experiences which in earlier life would have caused an emotional reaction of some kind.

This is the wisdom of elderhood: the understanding about what matters and what doesnít. The wisdom of knowing the significance of events and dialogue and exchanges between individuals.

Thereís a great deal of writing on the Internet about elder wisdom. In essence itís internal evolution to a place of stability. This is a place where the essence of life is truly understood.

From that place of wisdom and stability, the elder man or woman is empowered to give blessing to the younger men and women around them.

This is an interesting theory. Many of the evolutionary stages which take an individual from immaturity to maturity can get blocked. Then, the evolution into elderhood canít take place, and the midlife crisis may develop.

This is generally portrayed as a time of crisis caused by a man slowing down in his 50s.

This is when men realize that things which sustained his identity as a younger man mean nothing. For example earning money, fucking women, competing with other men, and so on, can no longer sustain him. That's mostly because heís no longer able to indulge these drives in the way that he once did.

Now I actually believe that the midlife crisis is an essential part of male development. I think itís caused by the absence of certain necessary stages of development. In particular, the transition from the hero stage of life into the wise elder and sovereign.

So whatís the real point of this post? Well, first and foremost, I guess, itís to recommend you read Douglas Gillette and Robert Mooreís book King Warrior Magician Lover!

But more to the point, of course, itís to give you some framework in which you can evolve into elderhood. And this while feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that the transition through which you are going is perfectly understood in terms of human evolution.

Indeed, this is probably an evolution which has been experienced by every other single human being who has ever lived.

But in addition, I have another suggestion: you can control what happens to you rather than allowing life to control you.

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