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My ejaculations are too weak - I just dribble when I come!

Q: When I ejaculate, I only dribble a few inches. It's embarrassing really, although I suppose you could say it doesn't matter if I'm having sex in the best sex position with the man on top, since no-one can see it. But when my girlfriend masturbates me, I'd like to produce a large quantity of semen, and I'd like it to shoot a long way. Call me vain if you will but, well, I'm a man, and producing a big load is a sign of manhood for me!

A: There's nothing on the internet about whether or not this matters to women, so I think we have to conclude that it's probably a "male thing"! But that's understandable - penile erection, penetration, and ejaculation are the most powerfully male aspects of sex, and can sometimes seem like the visible proof of our masculinity. Happily there are ways that even the most feeble dribble can be improved - though it requires a bit of effort.

As far as quantity of semen is concerned, a long session of lovemaking, or abstaining from masturbation or sex for a few days, will increase the volume of your ejaculate significantly. The longer your love-play, the greater the time for your prostate to produce more semen.

And when you want a more powerful ejaculation, you can improve the tone of the muscles responsible for ejaculation, around the base of your penis and your anus and perineum, with Kegel exercises - that is, a series of muscle work-outs for your sex muscles! These are the muscles you use to twitch your erect or semi-erect penis: all you have to do to get them fighting fit for a powerful ejaculation is to contract and relax them a hundred times a day. After a short while, you'll have better, stronger orgasms, and your semen will spurt out much further. You might even be able to come like a porn star!

If you cannot ejaculate at all, you may have a condition known as retarded ejaculation.

I can't urinate freely.

Then you may have benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, an age-related enlargement of the prostate gland which occurs over about fifty years of age. The tissue of the prostate grows into the urinary tract and partially blocks it.

Together with the irritation and enlargement of the glans, the symptoms caused by this enlargement are - urinary dribbling, difficulty starting the flow, difficulty stopping the flow, need to urinate frequently and urgently, and having to get up many times in the night to urinate.

You can try nutritional supplements for good prostate health from any health food store. Alternatively, see your doctor or to discuss drug options and possibly more radical solutions. In serious cases, surgery may be the only option. This is not the same as prostate cancer. See Mayo Clinic's website for more information.

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