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My testicles keep retracting into my body

Q: I used to love the way my testicles hung down in my scrotum, loose and floppy. My girlfriend loved it too, being able to roll them around in her fingers and take them both into her mouth at once! about feeling fantastic! The single most sexually exciting moment of my life was when I came as she rolled her tongue around my testicles with them both in her mouth while she masturbated me with her hand. Anyhow, I digress. Nowadays they keep retracting up into my body and the scrotum goes really tight. How can I restore such pleasure? I really like to feel them banging her vulva when I fuck her hard - and so does she, saying it feels like they're trying to get into her. (I'm 37, if it's of any interest.)

A: It's not unusual to hear of a man who'd like his balls to stay low in his scrotum, but it is unusual to hear of a man whose balls suddenly start spending more time up against his body than they do hanging low later in life. Usually, you either have low hanging balls or you don't - it's just one way or the other. That's not to deny that all men's balls go up and down, varying position with temperature, fear, sexual excitement or whatever; it's just that each man's balls have a tendency to hang low or ride high. This is due to the activity of the cremaster muscle, which runs all around and through the scrotum and the superficial tissue layers of the penis. When it contracts, your penis shrinks, your scrotum tightens, and your testicles are drawn higher up. If you're of a nervous disposition, you may find that your balls spend a lot of time like this.

In some cases, the scrotum tightens so much that the testicles do indeed appear to retreat all the way into a man's body, and the scrotum becomes a tight patch of skin rather than a pouch. This happens especially in conditions of cold or fear, and as I suggested above, may be more of a problem for men who have a higher than average anxiety level. (The reason being that if you're fearful, you're likely to be in danger, and what part of your body needs more protection than your testicles? Huddled up against the body like this they're less vulnerable to injury. And in conditions of cold, they maintain the right temperature for sperm production.)

So, back to the issue of why a man's balls would suddenly start behaving like this? I have a slight suspicion, based purely on the anecdotal reports of several men, that it may be something to do with a decline in testosterone, though I don't have any proof of that; no-one has yet done the necessary research, believe it or not. If it isn't age-related hormonal changes, then could it be that you have suddenly been put under stress which has raised your anxiety level? 

I don't have any other ideas to offer....but I do have a few more bizarre things to bring to your attention!

The art of ball stretching. Having seen some extraordinary results produced by the interesting art of ball-stretching, I'm not sure I like it, remember that if you treat them unkindly, they'll lose their blood supply, shrivel up and die.

What, though, if you have low hanging balls and want a pair that ride higher?  And here's a guy who seems to want exactly that.

OK! I have to admit I'm not taking this as seriously as I might. Here's a medical page on disorders of the testicles to counterbalance my inappropriate levity.

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